Best practices for Microsoft Lync meetings

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New to Microsoft Lync? Or do you just like to double-check that you’re getting the most from your technology? Microsoft has some advice for best practices when setting up, joining, and presenting in a Lync meeting.

The article has advice on the best way to schedule a meeting depending on your requirements. Whether your meeting is for 2 people or 250 people, Lync has the ideal settings for you.

You can also designate a backup presenter (best laid plans…) and send out notes with your invites before the meeting. If any of your invitees think Lync is a type of antiperspirant, then you can clue them in with a How-to training document ahead of time.

If you often present in meetings, and use PowerPoint, then it will help to know how to use audience features and Q & A Manager. You can also share a desktop or program with attendees during your meeting. Microsoft has in-depth articles on all the ins and outs of using Microsoft Lync so that you are never stuck.

Of course the advice for running your meeting in a conference room only applies if you don’t have the latest in meeting room technology. You can start meetings a lot quicker with the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync thanks to the hardware’s unique proximity detection and Lync’s one-click/one-touch function that allows you to immediately join a meeting.

We hope this helps you make the most of Lync!

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