• "“The SMART Board takes meetings to a whole new level"

  • "Visually impaired children benefit greatly from the AVer visualiser’s ability to enlarge the kind of texts and illustrations”

  • "After introducing this SMART Board system my expenses dropped tenfold."

  • "Because the SMART Table interactive learning centre is multi touch it is ideal for letting children learn independently.”

  • "The biggest benefit for us using the SMART boards has been a massive improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness.”

  • "Our use of SMART products is part of the reason we achieved such a glowing Ofsted report.”

  • "The SMART Boards put us two to three years ahead of our competition”

  • "The ease of use and interactivity that SMART Boards bring to lessons has helped us achieve truly amazing results- pass rate has gone from 80% to 95%.”

SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies

SMART is defined by its innovation and desire to improve the way the world works and learns. SMART's easy-to-use interactive displays and integrated solutions are crucial to classrooms and meeting rooms around the world.

SMART created the world's first interactive whiteboard in 1991, and remains the world's leading provider of interactive whiteboards. Incorporated in 1987, SMART has been committed to innovation and excellence for more than 25 years with more than two million SMART Board interactive whiteboards used by over 40 million students and their teachers, and SMART products are used in more than 175 countries.

Within education, SMART solutions are known to support student-centred learning. And SMART visual collaboration solutions help business teams increase innovation and boost productivity by working together without the restrictions of traditional tools or distance.

SMART demonstrates a deep commitment to both the education and business communities, proactively engaging to develop products that positively transform the way that people learn and work, making them a perfect partner for Steljes.

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