• "“The SMART Board takes meetings to a whole new level"

  • "Visually impaired children benefit greatly from the AVer visualiser’s ability to enlarge the kind of texts and illustrations”

  • "After introducing this SMART Board system my expenses dropped tenfold."

  • "Because the SMART Table interactive learning centre is multi touch it is ideal for letting children learn independently.”

  • "The biggest benefit for us using the SMART boards has been a massive improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness.”

  • "Our use of SMART products is part of the reason we achieved such a glowing Ofsted report.”

  • "The SMART Boards put us two to three years ahead of our competition”

  • "The ease of use and interactivity that SMART Boards bring to lessons has helped us achieve truly amazing results- pass rate has gone from 80% to 95%.”

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