• "“The SMART Board takes meetings to a whole new level"

  • "Visually impaired children benefit greatly from the AVer visualiser’s ability to enlarge the kind of texts and illustrations”

  • "After introducing this SMART Board system my expenses dropped tenfold."

  • "Because the SMART Table interactive learning centre is multi touch it is ideal for letting children learn independently.”

  • "The biggest benefit for us using the SMART boards has been a massive improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness.”

  • "Our use of SMART products is part of the reason we achieved such a glowing Ofsted report.”

  • "The SMART Boards put us two to three years ahead of our competition”

  • "The ease of use and interactivity that SMART Boards bring to lessons has helped us achieve truly amazing results- pass rate has gone from 80% to 95%.”

Steljes launches SMART Room SystemTM for Microsoft® Lync®

on Tuesday, 22 October 2013. Posted in Latest News, News and Press, Press Releases

New solution to take corporate world by storm

22nd October 2013: Steljes, the innovative technology distributor, today launched the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync and predicts that it will become the de facto technology in the modern collaborative meeting room.

SMART Room System is a turnkey hardware system designed by SMART Technologies that brings Microsoft Lync into meeting rooms and simplifies the collaboration experience for both virtual and face-to-face participants by providing seamless voice, video and data collaboration.

The comprehensive SMART Room System includes one or more SMART Board® interactive displays, an ultra wide-angle, high definition camera offering 109-degree field of view, customised speakers and microphones along with an administration room control console with an 11.6" (29.5 cm) display. Each component has been specifically designed and manufactured by SMART for seamless integration ensuring a consistently rich meeting experience that enables productive, dynamic collaboration for all participants.

Microsoft's internal studies have indicated that it takes on average of 8 to 12 minutes to begin a meeting using technology, but with the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync the start-up time for an active session with full access to audio, video and presentation data is reduced to a single click ensuring optimal use of meeting time. SMART's industry-leading interactive displays feature specialised glass treatment for a smooth touch experience with no drag. The displays also offer integrated ink controls for colour selection and proximity detection, an innovative feature enabled by sensors that automatically detect user movements to turn the display on when you enter the room and power off when not in use.

Sam Baker, Head of Product Management at Steljes, comments ""The SMART Room System is optimised for Microsoft Lync and Office 365® enabling companies to get the most out of their investment in Microsoft Lync. I predict that it will become an essential element of the modern collaborative meeting room. This is a very exciting technology and I believe it is set to take the corporate world by storm."

The suggested retail price for the small SMART Room system is £14,749, for the medium system it is £18,249 and for the large system it is £21,439. Pricing includes one year onsite warranty

The SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync is shipping now and available in three sizes.

Notes to editors
Exclusive benefits of the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync

  • An ultra-wide-angle, high definition camera with a 109° field of view enables remote participants to see the entire room without the need for pan/tilt/zoom functionality. Created by SMART, the camera offers the widest field of view of any high definition video conferencing camera.
  • SMART's echo-cancelling microphone and speakers provide crystal-clear 3D audio. Up to four SMART microphones can be daisy-chained together to support a wide variety of meeting room size and configurations.
  • A custom-designed codec is housed within the display enabling native connectivity to Microsoft Lync. Simply install and configure the SMART Room System and connect to Microsoft Lync. No additional hardware or software required.
  • An optional customised wall stand and cable routing system simplifies installation and eliminates the need for wall reinforcement.
  • The largest interactive display option – 84" (213.36cm) – ideal for viewing highly detailed content and provides an unparalleled collaboration space.
  • With the largest array of interactive display options – 1 x 70" (177.8 cm), 1 x 84" (213.36cm) or 2 x 70" (177.8 cm) – the SMART Room System accommodates room sizes ranging from 100 ft2 to 300 ft2 for 2 to 16 participants.
  • SMART has optimised the desktop control module with an extra-large 11.6" (29.5cm) screen that provides users the ability to easily control meeting content and perform actions such as changing the screen layout, displaying data and visuals and emailing notes at the end of the session. Specialised cabling optimises touch performance and provides a faster response time.

About Steljes
Steljes Limited is an innovative technology distributor that sources products from around the world, working with manufacturers to customise and bring their solutions to the UK market through our specialised channel network. Its innovative solutions enable people to interact and communicate more effectively while working and learning.

The company has been sourcing products from around the world for 25 years, introducing LCD panels, projectors, plasma displays and interactive whiteboards to the UK market. Steljes has consistently been the UK's number one supplier of interactive whiteboards (source: Futuresouce Consulting).

Steljes Group is a privately owned company and has helped companies such as SMART Technologies
market leaders in the UK.

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